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Are you someone who gives their whole heart to others and often take whatever is left over for yourself? Are you a new mom trying to adjust to motherhood and just can’t seem to find the right balance? Life transitions making you feel stuck? You owe it to yourself to put your needs first and live the life you desire. At Crowns for Queens, we will work with you to create your very own roadmap to emotional wealth. 

I hold space for women navigating....



Anxiety and depression in the perinatal, pregnancy & postpartum stage, adjusting to motherhood, relationship strain, mom guilt, shame, birth trauma.

A Supportive Hug


Relationship issues, postpartum adjustment, career choices, moving to a new place, starting a new job.

Stressed Woman


Depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, inner voice work, body image, work-life balance, self-love, etc.



Once you have made the decision to seek therapy, you have access to me via a free 15-minute consultation. During the consultation, we both get an opportunity to ask each other questions to determine if we would be a good fit. It’s okay if we’re not, I can help you find another therapist that suits you.


This is where it gets challenging, but don’t worry, I got you! Your first session is called the initial assessment. During this session I will ask many questions so that I can have a full understanding of some the challenges you are facing. We will then work together to develop your goals or “blueprint” for your sessions.


As your therapist, I will empower you to reach your full potential by relinquishing anything that may be holding you back. I will help you to identify your strengths and use them to the betterment of your mental health.


You will be ready to show up as your best self. You have taken the necessary steps and learned the tools needed to experience a meaningful life.  It is time to be brave in the most elegant and purposeful way!

Are you ready to begin your healing journey & make YOU a priority?

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