The Face Behind The Brand

Who Am I? If you know me you know. If you don’t, you’re about to find out. I always found this simple question to be so complex. I’m Tylette and I’m a daughter, sister, mother, friend, soon-to-be-wife, therapist, and entrepreneur. As you read this I am probably wearing my sorority shirt, with Vans, sipping on a cup of delicious hazelnut coffee, while planning my next vacation. I am a fiancé to my favorite travel partner and mama to my sweet son, Cairo. I grew up in a pretty small town with my parents and younger sister and brother. I went off to college to attend the Illustrious South Carolina State University in big ol' Orangeburg, SC. My parents raised me, but SCSU made me! I’m a licensed therapist in South Carolina and co-owner of YANA Counseling Services located in the Midlands. I am also the founder and creator of Crowns For Queens. I am a natural-born hustler and I never sit idle for too long.

One thing I’ve learned is almost nothing happens when you want it to, but when it’s time. This coming from one of the most impatient people you’ll ever meet! I had my handsome son at the tender age of…..(nevermind) LOL. He was born at only 23 weeks which medical professionals call a micro-preemie. I often refer to him as my miracle baby. We spent almost half of 2019 in the NICU, riding the rollercoaster specially made for preemie babies and their parents. This is a story you'll hear more about later. Well, we busted out of the NICU and we are on the move!

I created this platform and charged myself with the task of empowering all women through my life experiences and travel ventures. I have been able to change the trajectory of my life by learning how to love myself and indulge in things I have a passion for. Travel is one of those things! For years I have planned vacations for family and friends until I finally decided to venture into becoming a travel agent. I have not regretted this decision at all. I have been able to travel often, embarking on experiences that money can’t buy. I am also able to help others create lasting memories by planning their vacations…. Pretty dope Huh?!

My travel life has changed a bit since becoming a mommy. Now it’s Disney World instead of Vegas, play centers instead of nightclubs LOL. We travel as a family but I still indulge in baecations, momcations and sometimes even staycations!

I spent a long time (too much time) trying to decide how I should structure my blog. Should I talk about travel, mental health, or motherhood? Well, good news.... you are gonna get it all!! I will write posts about my travel adventures, mental health as well as my new life as a mom! I couldn't focus on just one area because they All make me who I am! So get ready!

It is my goal to create a sisterhood of Unapologetic Queens, who know no bounds to who they can become! I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to check out my blog! I hope you enjoy reading and learning!


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